Will buying a wood burning stove save me money ?

Will buying a wood burning stove save me money ?

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  • Jan, 14 2016
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Will buying a wood burning stove save on Fuel Bills?

7 in 10

The cost of heating is a growing concern. According to a 2015 UK Government survey*: Nearly one-third of respondents (29%) said that their energy bill is the household bill that they worry most about being able to afford & Nearly 7 in 10 (68%) report feeling concerned about steep energy rises in the future.


There are many common options you can opt for to help with the cost of heating, some of which are:solar-panels

  • Installing solar thermal panels (hot water) or solar PV panels (electricity)
  • Replacing an older gas boiler with a more efficient condensing gas boiler
  • Switching supplier
  • Installing a ground or air source heat pump
  • Installing wood burning stove
  • Improve building/loft insulation

Why invest in a Wood Burner

Saltfire ST3One of the reasons that more and more of us are considering investing in a wood burning stove is the bill money that can be saved. In most cases, it is also fair to say that the cost of fitting your stove will be more than the cost of the stove itself and needs to be considered. Ask yourself this though – Which one of the options above looks good in my home?

In my opinion, you have to take into account the aesthetics of having a stove in your living area and how much that is worth to you? If you fit solar panels on your roof, outside of helping with the bills, you hardly get much in the way of pleasure!

The changing cost of energy coupled with other variables like space or insulation makes calculating savings hard to define. Buying firewood in bulk keeps costs down. The availability of collecting firewood is an obvious game changer, especially in rural areas.

Can I find free Firewood

Not all of us are lucky enough to have our own log supply but there are always opportunities for some free firewood. If you visit your local tip, you will see just how much wood is thrown out.

Kpalleteep an eye out, you never know what you will find! 1 pallet can heat your wood burning stove for 2-3 evenings. Depending on your workplace, there may be plenty of opportunities to bring free firewood home your colleagues might also bring in stuff for you from time to time?

Personally, I enjoy the small triumph of finding a temporary source of fuel. To me, it’s like finding a bargain.

A couple of things:

  • Don’t burn the wrong stuff: Firewood needs to be seasoned, don’t burn painted/varnished wood
  • Gathering firewood is technically illegal in the UK

Turn your house n2a home

To sum up:

If you consider a wood burning stove to be an asset in itself, then savings are immediate – Ultimately, you will save money – A wood burning stove can turn your house into a home.


*Department of Energy & Climate Change. Official Statistics. Public Attitudes Tracking survey: Wave 15. First published 10 November 2015