Which Firewood Burns Best ?

Choosing logs for your Woodburning Stove

If you are buying firewood or gathering wood yourself, how do you choose whats best?Eucalyptus_Firewood_Dalby_Crate

Your supplier will have some reccommendations for you. What about other sources?

Keeping your fuel costs down will no doubt involve gathering firewood. Wether it’s off your own land,  or clearance offers from friends and neighbours gardens, you will want to know what to collect and what to pass up on.

Here is a rough guide on what choices are out there :

Excellent Wood

  • Ash  – Arguably the best wood for wood burners
  • Beech – Excellent for stoves, similar to ash
  • Birch – A hot burn, high in sap deposits so it must be well seasoned
  • Hawthorn – Slow burning firewood
  • Yew – High temperature and a slow combustion rate

Good Wood

  • Apple – Burns with a pleasant aroma, doesn’t spit
  • Builders timber – great for free kindling, lying about in skips everywhere! As long as it’s not painted or treated
  • Cedar – Slow burning with a long lasting good heatUntitled
  • Cherry – Good heat and pleasant scent, like apple, it doesn’t spit
  • Eucalyptus – Burns hot and slowly, must be well matured, kiln dried is better
  • Horse Chestnut – Creates a good flame but does tend to spit
  • Larch – Scented, crackly wood
  • Laurel – Burns with a bright flame
  • Oak – Need seasoning for a good 2 years
  • Pear – Good heat and scent
  • Pine – must be well seasoned, do not burn treated broken IKEA furniture
  • Plum – Again with orchard wood – a good heat and a lovely scent
  • Sycamore – Burns quickly with a good flame

Poor Woods

  • Alder – Short lived with low heat
  • Holly – Poor heat output
  • Leylandii – Dispute with the neighbours? Need rid of this wood? Probably grows quicker than you can season it, which takes a while!
  • Poplar – Burns too slowly, that’s why they are mainly used for making matchsticks
  • Spruce – Burns too fast – sparks a lot
  • Willow – Very wet wood, takes a long time to season

Logs_FirewoodAlways seaon firewood and store your logs in a well aired and dry place.

It’s a great idea to bring in a basket of firewood ready to go, to dry out a little more before use.

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