Masterflamme Convection Wood Stoves

The difference between a convection wood stove and a radiant stove

There are quite a few points to consider when buying a stove. Wood burning or multi-fuel? Stove dimensions? Power in kW? Which manufacture or just which one looks good!

In this article I would like to cover the difference between a convection wood stove and a radiant stove.

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A convection stove distributes hot air into the room assisted by a convection flow. whereas a radiant stove relies on the heat of the stove itself. Most stoves have a glass window which also puts out radiant heat – it’s the best bit. A radiant stove relies on your proximity to the stove for warmth. This is great for huddling round the fire on a cosy winters evening.

However, if your like me, you would like the heat from your stove reach farther. One possible solution in to buy a stove top fan to assist in hot air circulation another is to buy a convection stove.

Why choose Masterflamme?

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Masterflamme stoves have a unique tubular design which forms the sides of the combustion chamber. Cold air is drawn up through the bottom of the tubes, rapidly heated and piped out of the top.

A warm air circulation is created in minutes. The outer wall of thee stove remains relatively cool while the panaramic glass window, with it’s Air Wash Technology sends out radiant heat for closer comfort.

Costs less to heat more

Masterflamme convection allows you to heat up adjacent rooms and spaces.

The Masterflamme range is available in 3 colours and 2 styles with a choice of 3 sizes:

All Masterflamme  Stoves come with a 5 year warrantee. You would be hard pressed to find this level of quality in our price range.