How to use a Wood Burning Stove

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  • Dec, 24 2015
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Using a wood burning stove – Tips for lighting a fire

  • First, get some newspaper, kindling and a few small logs readyHow to light a Stove
  • Open primary and secondary air vents
  • If this is the first time you have used your wood burning stove, there are some guidelines to follow
  • When building your fire, do it on the bed of ashes left from the last fire. ( If there is too much ash, clean some out, but only if ashes are definitely cold! )
  • Lighting on ashes will insulate and help draw the fire
  • Scrunch up newspaper and assemble a pile in the fire box. You can use firelighters, but I find there is always a handy supply of freebie newspapers that get stuffed through my letterbox
  • Place some kindling on top and against the paper. Everyone has their own way of arranging this. I go for a wigwam effect, but each to their own. As long as the kindling is spaced out and not overloaded
  • It is also wise to assemble towards the back of the firebox

Dalby Gold FirewoodSaving money on kindling

Get your kindling from old pallets, offcuts in skips or just dried twigs. We deliver firewood on pallets, so that’s handy! Make sure you don’t use painted or treated wood, this can cause harmful fumes and a build up of unwanted of residue in your flue.


  • Light newspaper at bottom in a couple of places
  • Leave the stove door open a little, this can clear any condensation Do no leave unattended.

Lighting your stoveHelp from others!!

This is the point when kids take a keen interest and visiting blokes want to offer up their fire lighting tips. A useful opportunity to warn kid about the hazzards of fire. As for the tips normally reserved for barbeque gatherings – This is your caveman moment, enjoy!


  • Once the fire has gathered a little pace, add a couple of smaller logs, close the door and adjust primary and secondary vents as required.


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