Will a wood burning stove save me money?piggy

Honestly? Yes. But like any other home improvement, the initial outlay will take time to recoup. When you buy a stove, your not just cutting fuel costs. Your buying a beautiful feature for your house. It’s impossible to say what the savings would be as every home is different. Always use wood that is cured and ready for burning- order your supply here!


How do I install a wood burning stove?HETAS

Never attempt to install a wood burning stove yourself. Always use a registered HETAS installer ( Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme ).  Do not attempt to do the job yourself. There are many considerations when installing stoves and every job is different. To find a HETAS installer in you area visit the HETAS website

Do I need a Carbon Monoxide Detector?be carbon monoxide aware

Yes. In the UK it has been required by the building regulations since October 2010 when fitting a stove. It’s also good practice. Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas with no odour, colour or taste. Carbon Monoxide poisoning can often be fatal. Symptons can often be mistaken for flue or food poisoning. Always insist on fitting a Carbon Monoxide Detector

How to use a wood burning stove from new?

After your new wood burning stove is fitted, there is a procedure to follow Saltfire ST1regarding its first burn and early use. Unlike most heating appliances, wood burning stoves require gentle introduction to high temperature. There may also be small residues left over from manufacturing. Always make your first few fires small, your stove needs to adjust. A roaring fire, however tempting, is asking a little too much first time around.

All our new stoves come with manufacturer’s instructions for new use, which are important to follow.